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January 2019

Kennedy Space Center while visiting Orlando


If you will be visiting the Orlando are you may want to consider checking out Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Space Center is located  around 50-60 minutes from Orlando, depending on where you are staying. If you have any interest in space it's well worth taking a trip there!

You can rent a car to go to Kennedy Space Center from Orlando, if you are one of the many tourists who didn't drive to Orlando for your vacation. It's a nice drive over there, giving you a view of parts of Central Florida. Visiting Kennedy Space Center is something that is really neat, because of the number of launches that take place from there. If you have the opportunity to watch a live launch when you are visiting the area you will be in for a real treat. It's an amazing sight to see! A great place to view a rocket launch while you are visiting the Orlando are is at Jetty Park. There are quite a few people who will visit Jetty Park during launches. Being at Jetty Park during a launch gives you a great view. It's so great, in fact, that you can feel it.

At Kennedy Space Center you will be able to walk around and check out the exhibits to learn more about the space program. You will learn about astronauts, go behind the gates, see an IMAX movie, and be able to step inside rockets to see first hand what they are like. On the grounds you will also find a a store where you can buy NASA gear, dining, and more. It's an interesting place for people of all ages to explore. You may also have a chance to meet an astronaut. The behind the gates option is a bus tour that will let you explore your area of interest. If you have a science, technology, or space fan in your family and you are visiting Central Florida you won't want to miss going to Kennedy Space Center. You will already be so close that you just have to take the short trek toward the ocean to check out this place that is filled with so much history and information about our space program. 

Tickets for Kennedy Space Center start at $47 for children, and $57 for adults. They do offer senior citizen rates, package deals, and sometimes have special rates that are available. They also offer group rates, which comes in handy if you are traveling with friends and family. goYou can get more information on the tickets here. Kennedy Space Center is open every day of the year. 

If you are interested in timing you visit to Kennedy Space Center with a rocket launch, be sure to check out their schedule here. There is a fee to watch the rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center. If you would like to avoid that per-person fee, plan to watch the rocket launch from Jetty Park, right next door. You can find additional information about places to watch the rocket launch from here.

Medieval Times restaurant Orlando


If you want a dining experience like no other you may want to check out Medieval Times in Orlando. Medieval Times combines food, fun, and theater. It's a dinner show that the whole family will love!

Medieval Times is located at 4510 W Vine St, Kissimmee, which is not far out of Orlando. It's a tourist attraction that those who attend love. Imagine dining and getting to watch a show play out in front of you, complete with knights, horses, and jousting. Yes, jousting! If you have seen the movie The Cable Guy then yo are familiar with the type of show and dining experience that you will find at Medieval Times in Orlando. 

Your ticket price, which starts is $36.95 for children ages 12 and up, and $64.95 for adults, covers your whole experience, including dinner and the tournament show. Children ages three and under are allowed to attend the show for free, as long as they sit on the adults lap and eat from their plate. You can buy different packages to enhance your experience, with them including such things as castle access, VIP first row, cheering banner, group photos, and more. So what will you be dining on at Medieval Times in Orlando? A menu featuring garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, herb-basted potatoes, pastry of the castle, and two rounds of select beverages. They do have a vegetarian meal available upon request. 

The tickets to each dinner tournament show at Medieval Times in Orlando is limited, therefore you have to have reservations. Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time if you'd like to include this experience while you are visiting Orlando. The doors to the castle open 75 minutes before the show starts, giving you plenty of time to get settled and be ready for the exciting show to take place. Medieval Times is not like any other restaurant you have been to. It's an experience that is exciting, fun, and tasty. Whether you are going with friends or family you are sure to have a great time and enjoy a memorable experience. This is a great place to also celebrate a birthday. You get a generous portion of food, plenty of laughs, and people in your party may even have the ability to become part of the show.

You can get ticket information for the Medieval Times Orlando experience here.

Check out the clip below of Medieval Times in the movie "The Cable Guy."


Senior Frogs Orlando

If you are looking for a fun restaurant to check out you may want to give Senior Frogs a try! 

Senior Frog's is located at 8747 International Drive in Orlando, which is a popular tourist area. The restaurant is visited by tourists and locals alike, because you can get some good food and have some fun all at the same time.

Senior Frog's is a Mexico-based chain restaurant that has locations around the country and world, mainly in touristy type areas. Many tourists like to go there for the food, fun, and experience. Depending on the time you go there you will find that it can be a bit of a party!

The menu features a wide variety of drinks, and boy do people drink when they visit Senior Frog's in Orlando! The drinks flow, which gets people loosened up and that lead's to the dancing and fun times. The Mexican-themed menu features a wide variety of options, with something for everyone. Quesadillas, sandwiches, pasta, fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, and more. You can even get a hamburger here (there is seriously something for everyone). Don't pass up on trying the guacamole. They have a cart that moves around the restaurant where they make the fresh and tasty guacamole right in front of you. That's something you can't pass up on!

Whether you want a vegetarian meal, a steak, or some shrimp you will find it here at Senior Frog's in Orlando. The menu is eclectic. The drink menu is a popular option at this restaurant, too. You can choose to leave there with a big souvenir cup as proof of your partying. Drink options include margaritas, shots, signature drinks, and options like frog's buster, hurricane, and flying frog. You can also opt for a variety of beer, wine and daiquiris. For those who don't want alcohol, you can get tea, smoothies, soft drinks, and of course, water. 

If you go during the day for lunch it may be toned down a bit, but if you go in the evening expect the music to be cranked up, some dancing on the stage to be taking place, and the drinks and food to be flowing. Senior Frog's in Orlando offers a fun experience and you will leave feeling full and happy!

After your meal you can check out the souvenir shop where you will find a variety of products with the Senior Frog name splashed on it. According to the Senior Frog's website, this place has been a party since 1969 and the only rule you will follow is that there are no rules. Depending on the time you visit the Senior Frog's Orlando location you will see exactly what they mean by that! 

Visit the Senior Frog's website.

WonderWorks Orlando


If you are looking for a family friendly place where everyone will have a great time, you may want to check out WonderWorks Orlando!

WonderWorks Orlando is hard to miss. The building has been designed to look like it's upside down. It's a marvel for anyone who stops to take a look at it. Step inside this fun Orlando attraction and your fun time will get started. This place is about having fun, laughing, and making memories. 

Some of the fun things to do at WonderWorks Orlando include:

  • Laser tag
  • An indoor ropes course
  • Space discovery
  • The imagination lab
  • Space discovery
  • Physical challenges
  • 4D XD Motion theatre
  • Magic comedy dinner show
  • An inversion tunnel
  • Feel hurricane winds
  • Play arcade games
  • Visit the bubble lab
  • Check out the hurricane simulator
  • Ride the wonder coaster
  • Much more!

For those who are interested in learning more about natural disasters they will enjoy this area of WonderWorks Orlando. In the natural disasters area you can visit exhibits that give you a chance to learn more about earthquakes, hurricanes, and experience wild weather. You can also check out Google Earth and test your knowledge on the trivia wall. Those who are interested in space exploration will get a chance to see themselves in a space suit, get up close with a Mercury capsule, take a virtual mission to Mars, and take the astronaut training challenge. For the movie lovers, the 4D XC motion theatre has movies that rotate every season. You won't want to miss them!

There is something for everyone to do at WonderWorks Orlando. The kids can have fun, but the adults will enjoy their time there as well. Participating in the magic comedy dinner show is optional. The meal that is served is unlimited pizza, salad bar, drinks, and dessert. You will need to take close toe shoes if you plan to participate in the ropes course. Ticket prices start at $24.99 for children, $33.99 for adults. The magic comedy dinner show prices start at $21.99 for kids, and $31.99 for adults. You can get a combo ticket and you can also often find coupons and promotional deals to save a couple of dollars per ticket. WonderWorks Orlando is a fun experience for families to add to their list of things to do. The kids will get a chance to explore, burn off some energy, and be challenged. 

Visit the WonderWorks Orlando site here.