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If you are looking for a fun restaurant to check out you may want to give Senior Frogs a try! 

Senior Frog's is located at 8747 International Drive in Orlando, which is a popular tourist area. The restaurant is visited by tourists and locals alike, because you can get some good food and have some fun all at the same time.

Senior Frog's is a Mexico-based chain restaurant that has locations around the country and world, mainly in touristy type areas. Many tourists like to go there for the food, fun, and experience. Depending on the time you go there you will find that it can be a bit of a party!

The menu features a wide variety of drinks, and boy do people drink when they visit Senior Frog's in Orlando! The drinks flow, which gets people loosened up and that lead's to the dancing and fun times. The Mexican-themed menu features a wide variety of options, with something for everyone. Quesadillas, sandwiches, pasta, fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, and more. You can even get a hamburger here (there is seriously something for everyone). Don't pass up on trying the guacamole. They have a cart that moves around the restaurant where they make the fresh and tasty guacamole right in front of you. That's something you can't pass up on!

Whether you want a vegetarian meal, a steak, or some shrimp you will find it here at Senior Frog's in Orlando. The menu is eclectic. The drink menu is a popular option at this restaurant, too. You can choose to leave there with a big souvenir cup as proof of your partying. Drink options include margaritas, shots, signature drinks, and options like frog's buster, hurricane, and flying frog. You can also opt for a variety of beer, wine and daiquiris. For those who don't want alcohol, you can get tea, smoothies, soft drinks, and of course, water. 

If you go during the day for lunch it may be toned down a bit, but if you go in the evening expect the music to be cranked up, some dancing on the stage to be taking place, and the drinks and food to be flowing. Senior Frog's in Orlando offers a fun experience and you will leave feeling full and happy!

After your meal you can check out the souvenir shop where you will find a variety of products with the Senior Frog name splashed on it. According to the Senior Frog's website, this place has been a party since 1969 and the only rule you will follow is that there are no rules. Depending on the time you visit the Senior Frog's Orlando location you will see exactly what they mean by that! 

Visit the Senior Frog's website.


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